"Bloomberg Businessweek", September 24, 2012

One Europe, Many Tribes
The 47 Percent Is Just as Dumb as the 1 Percent • The Right Response in Libya
Not Worth It
The Odyssey of a Greek In Search of Work
Three Numbers That Could Haunt Obama
Brazil Gets a Dose of The Free Market
An IOU for Every Man, Woman, and Child
Norway Has Too Much Of a Good Thing
Tom Keene’s EconoChat
Seven Days
Viral Video Auteurs Get Their Swifty Lazar
Quirky Agency, Quirkier Clients
You Can Sell a Lot of Cars With a Tent
The Doyenne of Domesticity’s Next Act
Turkey’s TV Housewives Are Desperate, Too
The Al Bundys of the world (plus seven more we don’t have room for)
The Bush-Obama Doctrine Holds
Arizona’s GOP Governor Is Helping Democrats
A Down and Dirty Fight In the Rust Belt
Ronald Reagan And the 47 Percent
How Not to Catch A Terrorist
Spoiler Alert: Meet Gary Johnson
Uniting the Muslim World, One Cat Photo at a Time
Smarter Robots, With No Wage Demands
The Next Best Thing To Not Being There
Innovator | Pete Koomen
Charlie Rose talks to Dick Costolo “Advertisers will need to adapt the way they communicate.... It can’t be a one-size-fits-all”
Can Timber Rebuild Harvard’s Endowment?
Middle of the Pack
A Shortage of Bonds to Back Derivatives Bets
Three Bailout Dealmakers Make Good
European Banks Postpone Their Diet
Bulking Up, Not Slimming Down
Bid & Ask
Rethinking Rubin
Soft Power Ballad
We Are Family?
Long-Distance Relationships
Truth on the Line
A Virtual Kick
Dial It Up
My Maker, Myself
DIY Fail
Alan Mulally


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