Long-Distance Relationships

Some of Ancestry.com’s more distant relations


Catherine and Pippa Middleton

11th cousins, six times removed

Jane Austen

Johnny Carson

5th cousins, once removed

Richard Nixon

7th cousins, once removed

James Dean

Robert Pattinson

Through the British royal family


Britney Spears

7th cousins, three times removed

John Edwards

G.W. Bush

10th cousins, once removed

Mitt Romney

9th cousins, once removed

John Kerry

9th cousins, three times removed

Marilyn Monroe

Through 17th century ancestor

Benedict Arnold

11th cousins, twice removed

Princess Di

Sarah Palin

10th cousins

Princess Di

9th cousins, twice removed


Arnold Schwarzenegger

“through marriage”

Clint Eastwood

Prince Charles

9th cousins, once removed

Camilla Parker Bowles


10th cousins

Camilla Parker Bowles

11th cousins

Ellen Degeneres

8th cousins

Celine Dion


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