DIY Fail

Why manufacturing should be left to manufacturers.

By David Wescott



Cornell University’s Fab@Home project uses a 3D printer to precisely frost cupcakes based on code. The machine, at least for now, costs upwards of $3,300, about $2,290 more than a typical “icing” pen.

Car Mirrors

FutureFactories was founded to produce 3D custom-printed rearview mirrors. The Economist reported in December that the founder “cannot find suitable conductive materials.”


The Burritobot, “the first 3D Tex-Mex printer,” oozes beans and cheese on a tortilla. Unfortunately, lettuce and chunky salsa clog up the machine. “You can add these manually,” the website says.


Continuum Fashion 3D prints custom-designed bikinis for $200 to $300 apiece. To echo one commenter, they appear “about as comfy as wearing a mousepad.”


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