Denis O’Brien

Country of Citizenship: Ireland

Age: 54

Industry: Telecommunications

Primary Asset: Digicel Group Ltd., Kingston, Jamaica; sole owner

Tip: Vodafone Group Plc has an excellent footprint in both wealthy and big emerging markets, such as India. Its 5 percent dividend seems bulletproof. Its network is a platform for every tech trend. The challenge is to capitalize, possibly by charging fees to Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and others for access. Bharti Airtel Ltd. and Millicom International Cellular SA are also undervalued.

Mark Cuban

Country of Citizenship: U.S.

Age: 53

Industries: Technology, media, sports

Primary Assets: Proceeds from sale of Inc., Dallas Mavericks

Tip: Unless you know an industry or company better than everyone, keep your money anywhere but the stock market. Pay off debt. Search online for the best price on items your household needs. Pay local merchants in cash, while still paying sales tax. You’ll never lose money or sleep. You’ll never care what the market is doing. You’ll control your financial destiny.

Vikas Oberoi

Country of Citizenship: India

Age: 42

Industry: Real estate

Primary Asset: Oberoi Realty Ltd., Mumbai; 68.3 percent stake

Tip: Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. are among the world’s innovators. Companies that focus on core operations, manage cash flows and working capital and generate cash year over year will outperform the general markets.

Peter Hargreaves

Country of Citizenship: U.K.

Age: 65

Industry: Financial services

Primary Asset: Hargreaves Lansdown Plc, Bristol, England; 32.2 percent stake

Tip: Three sectors may outperform during the next 12 months.

Health care: The developed world is getting older, while living standards in the developing world are improving. Medical discoveries and new technologies add to the excitement. The industry’s cash flow and dividends are prodigious.

Water: With the population passing 7 billion, the need for water won’t drop. Sales turn into cash flow and dividends very quickly.

Technology: Apple is sitting on $100 billion of cash; Microsoft Corp. is still one of the big beasts of the tech jungle; Google is dominant in search. Companies are using technology to become more efficient. Consumers want the latest gadget. I see no reason for these trends to end.

John Catsimatidis

Country of Citizenship: U.S.

Age: 63

Industries: Energy, real estate

Primary Asset: Red Apple Group Inc., New York; sole owner

Tip: JPMorgan Chase & Co. Mitt Romney will get elected, and banking will be straightened out.

Phil Ruffin

Country of Citizenship: U.S.

Age: 76

Industry: Leisure

Primary Asset: Treasure Island Hotel Casino, Las Vegas; sole owner

Tip: No stocks. Choose hard assets that have a cash flow and appreciate with inflation. They should cost triple to replace.

MATTHEW G. MILLER IS AN EDITOR-AT-LARGE AT BLOOMBERG NEWS IN NEW YORK. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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