“Better Than Buffett”

JUNE 2012

This might be the best article I’ve seen on Loews. Jim Tisch is pretty blunt about what’s good and bad. If the market were to crash again, these guys have the financial strength to survive any scenario. Many companies don’t.


Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“The Scourge of the Superbugs”

JUNE 2012

I wanted to thank you for this example of quality journalism, which seems to be an endangered species these days. You did not simplify the science, taking time to explain it instead.


New York

I have been in pharmaceutical communications for more than 30 years, and this is unquestionably one of the best-documented and -written health-care stories I have ever read.


Managing director, ProClinica Inc. Stoneham, Massachusetts

Though I am not an expert on antibiotics since I am primarily a cardiologist, I do feel that the issue has been blown out of proportion. These are some isolated cases, and to project them as an epidemic needs the support of more data. I just hope the article can help clinicians develop a plan to address the issue.


Consultant in interventional cardiology P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre Mumbai

We described New Zealand’s first four NDM-1 cases in April. All had recently been hospitalized or received health care in India. It is great to see how objectively you have reported this story.


Department of Clinical Microbiology Auckland District Health Board Auckland

“Toxic Tribulations”

JUNE 2012

In all of the instances of corruption and injustice, the only people who seem to suffer are the shareholders and the plaintiffs. The government makes out. The lawyers do pretty well with huge settlements. What about the individuals responsible for the misery and hardships? Should they not be held personally responsible? They knew what they were doing and chose greed over conscience and integrity. Why should they not be prosecuted?


Memphis, Tennessee


Dark Day for LightSquared

LightSquared Inc., the wireless company founded by hedge fund manager Phil Falcone, filed for bankruptcy on May 14, listing debts of $2.3billion. The company’s prospects dimmed in February when the U.S. Federal Communications Commission said LightSquared’s high-speed data service interfered with global positioning systems. Harbinger Capital Partners, Falcone’s fund, had invested about $3 billion in the company. In “From Subprime to Satellites” (November 2010), BLOOMBERG MARKETS reported that Falcone was betting on LightSquared after the fund plunged 50 percent from its peak in mid-2008 through the end of that year.



In “Making the Tough Calls” (June 2012), we misstated the 2011 return for the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Total Return Index. It was 7.8 percent.



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