“Rags To Riches”

Introducing the Powerhouse Behind Exclusiv Vodka

By Home Business Magazine

Serge Chistov is the president and founder of Serge Import LLC, the importer behind Exclusiv Vodka.

Serge Chistov, a Russian immigrant in America, definitely has an uplifting and American “rags to riches” story to tell. After the Soviet Union broke down, Serge left Russia in 1992 and came to America with only $300 in his pocket. Now, twenty years later, he is the president and founder of Serge Import LLC; the importer behind Exclusiv Vodka’s highly successful introduction and expansion in America.

Serge was inspired to start his home-based business because he had a dream and product he believed in — affordable vodka with tremendous taste. He chose to bring Exclusiv Vodka to America, because it stemmed from Moldova, a country with a reputation for high vodka quality that is also the #1 per capita consumer of hard liquor in the world. Moldovans considered Exclusiv the TOP vodka on the market, which was a true testament of the product’s high quality and exceptional taste.

Before starting his home-based business, Serge Chistov was a Senior Financial Advisor for several major fiscal firms. Now, Serge can describe his company as a one-man-show, because he is the “Jack of All Trades” behind Serge Import LLC’s entire operation. He promotes his business through social media, and through the help of Hopkins, Minnesota-based public relations agency Hollywood Connections PR.

Serge’s primary customers are people who crave the core values of making good vodka — tremendous taste, no hangover, drinkability, and an ability to mix well with any mixer — without having to pay an outrageous price.

Serge’s best business achievement is taking Exclusiv’s annual sales from $70K at its introduction to well over $6 million in just 4 years. He accomplished this feat through his commitment to the product and savvy business tact. Serge’s primary advantage of working from home is being able to work as many long hours as he wants. Another advantage is being the sole powerhouse behind Exclusiv Vodka that makes all the decisions on the product’s next venture.

In three years, Serge Chistov sees himself still being the President of Serge Import LLC. He hopes to make Exclusiv Vodka the most popular and best-selling vodka in every state in the U.S. He also wants Exclusiv to be the go-to vodka for anyone who needs a spirit of the highest quality for the lowest price. Visit Exclusiv Vodka’s website (http://www.exclusiv-vodka.com/) for more information, and become a fan on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ExclusivVodka).


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