Top picks for the year ahead

The sharemarket turned in an impressive performance in 2012 after two tough years. But the five standout stocks chosen for Money readers at the start of 2012 did even better. Again we have invited the Skaffold team to choose 50 value-for-money stocks, including five standouts, for 2013.

Property prices remained in the doldrums during 2012, but the five standout locations that Terry Ryder, of, picked for Money all showed growth. For 2013 he has chosen his Top 50 locations, including five top picks.

To help you select the best locations and stocks to invest in for 2013, turn to our Top 50 cover article on page 30.

If one of your goals this year is to beat the debt trap, you will find Paul Clitheroe’s advice on debt consolidation from his new book, Free Yourself From Debt, well worth a read.

If your aim is to use debt to boost your finances, Money Editor Effie Zahos has come up with four smart ways to benefit from your credit cards.

And if you have also vowed to get on top of your superannuation this year, Peter Freeman’s basic super guide is a good place to start.

Pam Walkley


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