Dressing for success

Richard Scott knows now how to fake it

Richard Scott

Fancy yourself a bit of a looker, huh? Not really? Bad luck – recent research suggests being “good looking” won’t just help you score on a night out but could also boost your bank account exponentially.

A study by Melbourne University economist Jeff Borland and former Australian National University economist Andrew Leigh claims the genetically blessed are considerably more likely to out-earn their lesser colleagues. About $32,000 a year more, they say. Worse still, they’ve found – over a career – that Australian males rated as “below average” will earn 26% less than average, while the pretty will pocket an additional 22%.

How is that fair? You could graduate with honours from the nation’s most prestigious academies only to fall behind professionally if your workmate has straighter teeth.

But don’t despair – you needn’t cover up with designer labels, plastic surgery and buckets of make-up. Your employer is just looking for someone to trust. We’re a primitive bunch, us humans. We require visual assurance that a person can do a job expected of them. But it can be counterfeited.

The trick is clean appearance, clear mind. Drink plenty of water (free). Keep your hair clean and tidy. Buy a basic, unperfumed facial moisturiser and exfoliating scrub, use daily. Brush with whitening paste and floss twice daily, after lunch if possible. Never underestimate the negative impact of bad breath or BO in a work space. Plan ahead for tomorrow – disorganised, flustered employees are never promoted. Put in the effort – and good luck.


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