• The federal government has cut the solar credits subsidy by 50% from January 2013, six months early. This translates to a loss of around $800 in subsidy on an average-sized solar power system.

• Since 2007, more than 880,000 rooftop solar systems and more than 560,000 solar and heat pump water heaters have been subsidised under the government’s renewable energy target.

• Installation of small-scale systems and solar hot water heaters continues to be supported under the renewable energy target scheme.

• The federal government also announced the popularity of higher-star-rated appliances for increasingly energy-smart appliances. There are now 10-star fridges and eight-star TVs. Mark Dreyfus, the Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, says such appliances are becoming mainstream. An eight-star TV costs $24 a year to run compared with a one-star TV’s $380 a year.


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