What is it? 7-day Japan Rail Pass

RRP? Nothing comparable – just a Tokyo-Kyoto shinkansen return fare is ($A270)

Price Money found? $A299

Where? www.japantravel.com.au

If you’re heading to Japan anytime soon and plan to do some travelling, you should definitely consider a Japan Rail (JR) Pass. It allows you unlimited travel on the entire JR system, including buses and ferries, and costs not much more than one Tokyo-Kyoto shinkansen return fare.

Need to know: There are seven, 14 and 21 consecutive day options. Passes for children (11 and under) are half the price. The pass is only for travellers visiting Japan on a “temporary visitor” visa. They must be purchased before arrival in Japan.

Tested by Money: We’ve used the JR Pass on a number of visits to Japan and it’s worth every cent. A word of advice: the shinkansen waits for no one. So if you’re travelling with others, make sure you all board the train with minimal messing about. Partners have been known to be left behind on the platform, waving blankly at their “better half” through the closed door as it pulls away from the station. But that’s a story for another time.


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