Mobile reception aid


Calls dropping out, delayed text messages and slow internet are a pain for mobile phone users. A new app, launched by telecommunications advocacy group ACCAN, will make it easier to test and log mobile reception issues so that you can complain to your provider.

“One of the most frequent complaints we hear from customers is about call dropouts and slow internet,” says ACCAN spokeswoman Elise Davidson. “Mobile black spots are common – not only in regional areas, but in cities too. If you’ve signed up to a contract and you’re not getting the service you’re paying for, it’s worth making a complaint to your provider about it. This app makes it easy by providing you with a record of where and when problems are occurring.”

Available for iPhones and Android, the “Phone rights” app also contains tip sheets and video guides to help with common phone and internet issues such as contracts, bill shock, global roaming and data charges.


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